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This training is to increase awareness among the workers on the important of basic ergonomic to avoid injuries. This topic explain generally on basic ergonomic on workers who is not yet have knowledge. This course focused in making the work your easier and comfortable, this thereby reduces any kind of stress, risk and enhances the satisfaction and productivity.

This training is designed in according to the ergonomics and manual handling management, knowledge and prevention of ergonomic effect from daily working activities and manual handling. Most of all employees exposed to ergonomic and manual handling risk required to be trained in order to minimize the possibility of them to get ergonomics effect. Knowledge & skill on the right method of handling things such as machineries, computers, lifting, setting and prolong standing is very important in order to produce high performance and efficiency on output or production with minimum effect of human ergonomics effect.

The goal of an Ergonomic Risk Assessment is to determine the level of ergonomic risk for the job you are evaluating. Only by quantifying ergonomic risk factors can help you develop a plan to prioritize and implement measureable workplace improvements.

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This training will be able to introduce the participants the concept and principles of ergonomics and to enhance the knowledge on how to perform Ergonomics Risk Assessment at workplace. This training introduce the latest guidelines on Ergonomics Risk Assessment at Workplace 2017 by DOSH. Participants to complete some case studies, test, and submit a report in order to certify you to be Ergonomics Trained Person (ETP) by DOSH. 

AERA Brochure For Registration Here

This training program will introduce some of the ergonomics tools to help you in conducting Advanced Ergonomics Risk Assessment (AERA) which later will enable employers to plan, implement and monitor preventive measures, reduction of ergonomics-related injuries of MSDs and reduction of compensation cost, medical expenses and employee absenteeism due to the ergonomics-related injuries and MSDs. After certified in this training from some tests and report submission, participants will be recognised as Ergonomics Trained Person (ETP) for Advance Level.

The objective is to raise the employee awareness of proper ergonomic technique and provide them with the knowledge to optimize their office environment and workstation. Prior to the session the ergonomist would walk through the facility to become familiar with the environment, setups and equipment in use at the office site. The training session would potentially utilize a workstation, chairs and accessories from the company’s office to demonstrate proper setup.

This site was created to provide basic useful information for employers, workers and others in designing an effective ergonomics program to prevent work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WMSDs) with a great program structure to help your organisation. It outlines practical strategies for identifying and correcting ergonomic deficiencies in a variety of workplace settings. Defining key elements of an effective program, the program structure allows you to tailor the information to your particular work setting or situation. It also provides a number of useful materials including references, sources for further information, and generic forms and questionnaires.

This training is to increase awareness among the field or operation workers on the important of basic ergonomic with manual handlings tasks to avoid injuries. This topic explains generally on basic field ergonomics on workers who has zero knowledge. This course focused in making your work easier and avoiding all ergonomics risk hazards and risk factors to reduce stress on the muscles, ligaments, tendons and your body parts.

This training in to provide better understanding for core-team on ergonomics that has manual handling tasks and it will help organisation to have first hands help in ergonomics related matters before it become work injuries. Core team will be train on how to perform the initial assessment on initial comments from workers and how to write a short report for record purpose.

Fleets are taking driver safety more seriously than ever, and for good reason. Distracted driving is on the rise and in vehicle safety technology has become more easily accessible for fleets to implement. However, the physical well being of the driver is another important aspect for fleets to consider. Indeed, fleet drivers who are spending a bulk of their day on the road are at risk of health-related issues. Health-related problems to those who drive for extended periods of time. This could include: neck, shoulder, and back pain cramps and pressure points in the legs low-back injury and damage to the spinal disc. This training will introduce on proper driving posture, proper stretch-break while driving long distance, guide on nutrition intake and proper vehicle setup before drive.

ERA Walkthrough / Screening

The walkthrough / screening process is a glance through, capture wrong behaviours done by workers in general, the ergonomics risk hazards on workplace design and setup, the environment in general and the tasks assigned to the workers in general which has ergonomics hazards and ergonomics risk factors. To provide a report in general summary on the findings and to provide recommendation on the issues found. We have experienced in many industries and report can be customized based on your organisation needs.

Initial ERA

Initial Ergonomic Risk Assessment (ERA) is the FIRST LEVEL support for planning and conducting the ergonomic risk assessment at workplace. The main objective is to identify the risk of MSDs at workplace by using Cornell Musculoskeletal Questionnaire (CMQ) based on guideline set by DOSH in Ergonomics Risk Assessment at Workplace 2017. Implementing an Initial Ergonomics Risk Assessment (ERA) can help the organisation to have safe & healthy workplace and conducive environment. The outcome from this Initial ERA will determine if there is a need to carry out an Advanced ERA in future.

Advance ERA

This LEVEL TWO support from us will provide support to the industry in implementing all guideline by DOSH under Ergonomics Risk Assessment at Workplace 2017 which required to use some ergonomics tools in order to provide the advance level of solution to the ergonomics problem in organisation. At this stage, it will zoom in on designing best ergonomic practices to support workplace operation and requirements.

MSDs Case Management

Common type of human injuries which can result from the damage of muscular or skeletal systems (i.e., bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves, blood vessels, etc.); they usually occur due to a strenuous and/or repetitive activity and can result into variety of complaints, complications, and deformities causing a big burden on the financial to organisation, and health system on personal in all societies. They are among the largest category of work-related injuries and are responsible for almost 30% of all worker’s compensation costs worldwide. We provide the best Case Management service to ensure your MSD case pain rating will be reduce and the numbers of injuries in your organisation will be decreased.

ErgoPRIMA Sdn. Bhd. assists organizations with the development, implementation, and management of cost effective ergonomics programs also to help on developing your internal guideline to match with your businesses need and your organisation requirement. We also provide all consultation related to move office projects, new office projects etc. that involve with Human Factors.

We organized all the Safety, Health, Wellness program for our clients and customized to their needs. We also have experienced in big conference such as KLECE, MECCE, BOCE, OSH and we do some collaboration events with our clients.

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